Before you and I, the merchants and the heralds, long before the bear, the shark and the falcon, there was everlasting green, there was Limitless Valley.


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Limitless Valley is a co-op deck building game and world building game for 2-4 players. It features over 100 beautifully hand drawn animals, variable game play with shifting tiles where no two games are the same, and a unique centrepiece where your adventure begins.  


You and your fellow shepherds will herd powerful animals to discover lands, gather rare items and defeat enemies to reach Baron before he succeeds in his plan. Limitless Valley is currently in development in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.



Founder, game designer


Josh had always wanted to create games. As a kid, they were magic unwrapped on birthdays when everyone came to play. He saved all his crazy ideas, maps, invented worlds & stories then used them to shape Limitless Valley with one goal in mind: Create a board game that takes us back to connecting with friends (offline).


Artist, visual designer


Pen & paper follow Hannah wherever she goes & they go where inspiration lies. They went from her native homeland in Germany to Nova Scotia, Canada in the summer of 2019, where she takes advantage of her love for natural colors. The influences from nature give Limitless Valley imagination & soul. She designs the game with a visual style that embodies nature in its simplest form.


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